Wool Quilt Instructions

Please read through all the instructions carefully. This is an improvised pattern so make adjustments according to your materials and the size you choose for your finished quilt. Feel free to substitute whatever patterns and colors suit you best!

I suggest you pre-wash all your fabrics. Different weight wools shrink at much different rates. If you intend to wash this quilt after it’s constructed, you want to make sure all the wool is pre-shrunk.

This quilt was produced to solve two key problems that come with sewing wool on a machine: Wool moves and grows under the presser foot and joined seams become too bulky!

Fabric needed to make a throw sized quilt:

  • 13/4 yard unbleached muslin or other stabilizing fabric
  • Wool A: any patterned wool (measurements to follow)
  • Wool B: any solid wool (measurements to follow)
  • 2 yards cotton, or wool for backing
  • 1/3 yard fabric for binding

1. Cut 5, 12.5″ x 48″ strips from unbleached muslin or other stabilizing fabric. You can piece these strips, if you want to make your quilt wider, but I just use selvedge-to-selvedge measurements for this, which are usually about 48″, depending on the original width of the muslin or other stabilizing fabric.

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